We are dedicated to

Our values

Wells Medical Clinic is a family centred medical centre focussed on personalised and timely care. We aim to provide a broad range of services so we can accommodate our patients’ ever changing needs.

We are proud to have a team of highly qualified and experienced GPs who can assist with a broad range of health issues. In addition to a high quality general practice service we have several features of our clinic which reflect our effort to be in-tune with the needs of our local community.

  • Access to Women’s Health support for 
women in the community

  • Access to state of the art mole scan
machine, Solar scan.

  • Access to specialised medical services to
conveniently support the healthcare needs
of our patients.

We are dedicated to

Your healthcare

At Wells Medical Clinic, we have several doctors specialising in Women’s Health. We want to support the women in our community to have access to the latest medical treatments.

Another unique aspect of our clinic is our access to state of the art mole detection technology. Our doctors are able to identify any changes which may herald further infection.

We are fortunate to have visiting specialist medical services to conveniently support the needs of our patients. You will have access to a psychologist and cardiologist who can assist you further.

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